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Sell more tickets to events in hospitality

From tours and tastings to holiday dinners, Tock’s platform was built to power all types of events in the hospitality space and beyond. Manage, sell, and promote all of your events in one place.

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A mobile view of an event called “Dine on the Land” hosted by Locavore farm on Tock sits on top of an image of rows of green salads being prepared in white bowls.
  • An example of a bookable event called “Harvest Party” sits in a white piece of extracted app ui. There is an image of a person pouring white wine and a button at the bottom that says “Book now”. Layered below this are rows of bright green grape vines at sunset.

    Drive revenue

    Summer barbecues, chef pop-ups, or music in the courtyard. Showcase and sell all of your events in one place, alongside reservations and experiences.

    Manage events your way

    From variable pricing to seamless guest check-in, Tock makes it easy to manage every event the way you want.

  • An example of a white digital ticket for an event called “Pasta Making Class”. There is an image in the ticked of a person rolling noodles on a wood cutting board. Layered below this is an image of a person holding a bowl of noodles with red sauce, parmesan cheese, and a sprig of basil.

    Deliver exceptional hospitality

    Utilize a guest directory complete with notes, tags, and dining history to deliver better hospitality every time.

    Seamless check-in

    Quickly scan, check-in, and view your guests' reservation details using any mobile device. No special hardware required

  • An example of a bookable event on Tock from a restaurant named “Big Delicious Planet”. The event is called “BDP Urban Farm Dinner”. There are three images paired with the event, one of rows of people eating dinner outside, one of a colorful garden salad, and one of a man in overalls serving a table of people. The image focuses in on event details that read, “Thursday, Oct 12, 2023, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, $195 per ticket, Big Delicious Planet, 412 N Wolcott Ave, Chicago, IL 60622” There is also a button that says get tickets with 2 tickets currently selected.

    Sell more tickets

    Easily share your event and sell tickets with a fully-customizable landing page, where your brand is at the forefront.

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All the tools you need to succeed

  • General admission tickets

  • Guest notes and tags

  • Seated events

  • Automated email reminders

  • Priority access settings

  • Post-event guest feedback survey

  • Custom website widget

  • Dedicated event landing page

  • QR code tickets and mobile app scanning

  • Detailed financial and operational reports

An image of a person carrying two trays of cocktails. Each tray has a lit sparkler in the middle.

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