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Tock's all-in-one platform was built to showcase the full spectrum of what you offer, with the ability to drive revenue to every service and reduce no-shows.

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A mobile view of Communion reservations on Tock. There is a Dining Room reservation option and a High-Top Table reservation option. Above the Dining Room reservation is a smiling image of the restaurant’s owner holding two pizzas and above the High-Top Table reservation is an image of a long pizza peel pulling a pizza out of a wood fire oven. This is layered over an image of three people clinking glasses above a table that has four pizzas on it. There is a Beer, a Negroni, and an Old Fashioned being clinked.

Flexible reservations, with the ability to mix and match

  • Free reservations

    Seamlessly manage ordinary reservations and walk-ins simultaneously.

  • Waitlists

    Keep your dining room filled and keep your guests informed.

  • Deposits

    Charge deposits as low as $5 to reduce last minute cancellations.

  • Prepayment

    Collect full payment ahead of time to eliminate no-shows and manage inventory.

  • Credit card holds

    Safely hold credit card numbers to charge for no-shows.

  • A gif of a restaurant’s business page cycling between options for reservations, events, pickup, and delivery with a button to “book now”. At the top of the page is a picture of the business with a man working behind a long stone bar with pink tap handles and bottles of wine behind him. Layered below that is an image of a woman sitting at a green textured table with a glass of red wine in her left hand and a plate of chicken in front of her. She also has a plate with a piece of pumpkin pie and a bowl of falafel.

    Sell everything in one place

    Ordinary reservations, cocktail classes, pop-up dinners, or counter seats. Tock works as the ultimate sales engine, with the ability to display all of your offerings, including upgrades, like wine pairings or cookbooks, in one place.

  • A diners public Tock profile with a round profile image of a young woman sitting on a staircase. The profile contains the diner’s location information, anniversary and birth date, as well as her preferred cuisine types. To the right of that are details on the diner’s upcoming reservations. One reservation is for Daisies in Chicago on June 22 paired with an image of various pasta dishes on a wood grain table and the other reservation is for The Publican on July 6 paired with an image of a meat dish on a patio table.

    Make booking easy

    Give your guests an elegant interface to book, modify, and confirm reservations. They can add preferences or notes to their diner profile—because great hospitality begins with booking.

  • A gif of a restaurant’s floor plan in Tock’s software represented by blue and purple rounded rectangles and squares. The gif cycles between a list of names on the left for reservations and a list of names for a walk-in waitlist.

    Streamline operations

    Seamlessly manage walk-ins and reservations simultaneously, using a waitlist to communicate with guests, keep seats filled, and control the flow of service.

    Increase covers

    Tock has millions of active users hungry to find new dining experiences, while integrations with Chase and Reserve by Google ensure you show up where it counts.

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All the reservation tools you need to succeed

  • Free, deposit, prepaid reservations

  • Percentage and dollar based fees

  • Credit card holds

  • Supplements

  • Large party deposits

  • Automated confirmations and reminders

  • Scheduled releases

  • Dedicated landing page for your business

  • Waitlist request

  • Customizable and personalized messages

  • Social media booking integrations

  • Variable pricing

  • Reserve by Google integration

An overhead view of four people’s hands reaching for various items on a wooden table. In the lower left, someone smears a spread from a charcuterie board on a crispy cracker. In the upper right, someone is eating from a plate of pasta with a fork. In the upper left, someone is cutting into a piece of salmon while their wine glass is being refilled by a someone pouring rose. In the lower-left someone is holding an Old Fashioned in front of a plate of pasta they were just served.

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