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Mastering success: Quick tips for restaurant email marketing

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By Ryne Estwing

Email marketing is a great way for restaurants to reach guests and build an audience, while increasing bookings and revenue.  You can do it on your terms–when you want and where–and you get to use your voice.

Increase restaurant reservations and event sales through email marketing.   It is a powerful way to engage with your guests, build a new audience, and drive revenue.  Guests are able to make a reservation with just a click. Take the time to put together a strong email program that incentivizes diners to visit your restaurant. Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

  1. Keep it short. People’s inboxes are crowded and we’re often clicking through them on the go. Provide valuable information, but stick to the point. Typically, less is more. If you want to go longer, break up the email into several sections.
  2. Beautiful photography goes a long way. Take the time to secure quality images of new dishes, the space, and your staff.
  3. Reward your guests for subscribing to your newsletter, and we don’t mean with coupons. Give them sneak peaks of a new menu. Show them what’s going on behind the scenes. Tell a story. If you can swing it, and you would like to offer up a drink or a dessert, do so strategically, on a night that doesn’t see as much traction.
  4. Be genuine. Don’t just sell. Provide something of value. Brainstorm creative content that your guests will enjoy seeing in their inbox. You’re a hospitality pro. How can that shine in the form of an email?
  5. Don’t forget your CTA. It’s vital that you give your reader a clear call-to-action. For example, if you’re announcing a new seasonal menu, be sure to include a large “Make a reservation” button that directs the reader to your Tock page.
  6. Put some effort into the subject line. This is the first thing your guest will see. We find that short works best, but feel free to experiment.

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