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How Winston Pies boosts March revenue with experiences on Tock

Cover Image for small pies and slices of pie from Winston Pies. The pies are on white plates placed on marble surface.
By Tock Staff

The L.A. bakery’s annual Pi Day celebration engages guests and drives sales when food-centric holidays are scarce.

At Winston Pies, Los Angeles’s premiere all-dessert pie shop, business booms during the holiday season. The first few months of the year are another story. It’s a time when vacations and New Year’s resolutions cut into sales, and food-centric holidays are few and far between.

Occasions like the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day provide much-needed bumps in January and February. But the shop still has to get through March, which doesn’t offer much in the way of holidays aside from St. Patrick’s Day.

To get guests in the door during this slow month, Winston Pies celebrates with their annual Pi Day experience. On March 14, the Brentwood flagship and West Hollywood shop offer slices and whole pies in special flavors, as well as the bakery’s signature PieBites in a larger, 3.14-inch size for just $3.14. Now an annual tradition, Pi Day preorders on Tock sell out every year.

Here’s how Winston Pies uses the platform to reach guests, manage preorders, and make this experience a success.


Promote Pi Day preorders and make it easy for guests to book.

Tock Solution

Winston Pies owner Brianna Adams uses Tock to manage preorders and same-day pickup and delivery orders for all four of the shop’s locations, so booking the Pi Day experience on the same platform was a natural fit.

“When we have a separate menu like for Pi Day, it stands out and reminds people that a special day is coming up,” Adams says. “Seeing the preorder menu on Tock is a reminder. Most people will be happy to place the order once they’re reminded and if it’s an easy process.” Pi Day sells out each year, but offering experience and the shop’s regular pickup and delivery options all in one place ensures guests have ample time to book and no one misses out.


  • Presenting experiences alongside everyday offerings on Tock drives early sales
  • Regular reminders and long lead time to book encourages guests to preorder


Manage the Pi Day preorder process to keep operations running smoothly on the big day.

Tock Solution

On the back end, Tock’s robust functionality and powerful reporting dashboard help a big event like Pi Day run smoothly for staff and guests. “The reports functions are incredibly helpful for our back-of-house bake team,” Adams says. “We can easily identify the quantity of pies and ingredients we will need to fulfill orders and gauge potential walk-in demand for a certain day.” With information on preorders for special experiences and everyday business at their fingertips, the bake team can get a jump on procurement and logistics for the big day.

On the guest-facing side, managing the Pi Day experience through Tock frees up staff for other tasks and ensures that guests get what they ordered. “The front of house team uses Tock to direct guests to order, which eliminates human error,” says Adams. “All of this helps reduce stress on the staff and increase revenue by not losing out on sales due to us not having baked the exact pie someone would like.”


  • Simple, easy-to-use booking page saves time for front-of-house staff
  • Accurate order fulfillment keeps guests happy and prevents lost revenue
  • Clear, accessible reports help back-of-house team plan and prepare in advance

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