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Restaurant Technologies Unveiled: Tock’s New Features

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By Tock Staff

Here’s how we improved our platform this year to give businesses like yours more control.

At Tock, we strive to put our customers—restaurants, hotels, wineries, and more—in control by empowering them with technology to run better businesses. We’re always working on new tools that help our customers save time, streamline operations, and boost revenue. Here’s a look at the most popular features we added in 2023 to help your business succeed.

New iOS App Enhances Discovery by Guests

We rebuilt our iOS app to create a true discovery platform, increasing usage by guests and boosting bookings for Tock customers. More powerful, customizable search options allow guests to find bookings based on location, party size, cuisine, or unique experiences. An intuitive interface makes the reservation process smooth and easy, which translates to more butts in seats and growth for your business.

Reserve with Google Integration Increases Reach and Bookings

When guests aren’t discovering new favorites on our app, they’re turning to search platforms to find places to dine. Tock integrated Reserve with Google, making it easier to reach new guests and increase bookings. Guests who discover participating Tock customers through Google Search and Google Maps can reserve with the click of a button.

Table Prioritization Creates More Flexibility

One of the most requested enhancements from Tock customers has been the ability to prioritize tables during service. We delivered on this feedback with Table Prioritization. This powerful feature lets customers prioritize specific tables, table combinations, or sections according to their needs—for example, setting patio tables to highest priority in summer when those bookings are most in demand. It’s a dynamic tool that gives you the ability to adjust as the flow of guests evolves.

Faster, Customizable Event Management Drives Revenue

Tock built its brand on pioneering experiences and events. This year, we’ve made it faster and easier to create and manage events with multiple start times. Rather than creating multiple events—a guest chef dinner with two seatings, for example—you can configure one event with multiple start times and custom ticket details. This new feature streamlines operations and increases bookings by providing more choice for guests. 

We’ve also empowered customers to customize ticket price, quantity, and limit per person for each start time in a single event. Guests can select from all available options during booking, driving sales, and boosting revenue. Don’t need to customize? Set the same ticket quantity for all start times with one click.

Experiences with Images Express Your Vision

On Tock, we know that experiences displayed with images lead to more bookings than those without. We’ve now made it easier for our customers to showcase beautiful plates, vibrant spaces, and special guests when marketing experiences on the platform. Customers can add up to 20 photos to each experience, grabbing guests’ attention and encouraging them to book. A drag-and-drop interface makes reordering images quick and hassle-free.

Overbooking Toggle Ensures a Full Night of Service

Tock customers now have even more control over dine-in reservations. Overbooking can be a powerful strategy to maximize capacity and revenue, but it can be complex and time-consuming to manage. This year, Tock added a toggle in the booking flow to simplify the overbooking process, allowing you to easily squeeze in that extra table when you need to and keep guests happy. 

5-Star Post-Visit Survey Captures Guest Feedback

In 2023, Tock launched a post-visit survey with a 5-star scale to help customers receive feedback directly from guests. This feature automatically emails guests the day after their visit with a prompt to rate their experience. Guests can then choose to click through to the Tock website to share additional private feedback and reserve again.

With the post-visit survey enabled, you can easily access your business’s average star rating, read individual reviews, and download feedback reports from your dashboard. This feature frees up staff time, compiles the valuable feedback your business needs to succeed, and shows guests you’re listening.

We at Tock created these features to help put our customers in control of their business, save time, streamline operations, and boost revenue. We’ve got more innovations and improvements in store for 2024, all designed to make it easier for hospitality professionals to run more profitable businesses and provide outstanding experiences for guests.

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