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Elevate Your Dining Experience with the New Tock App on the iOS App Store

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By Tock Staff

Our new and improved app helps diners explore the best spots, driving more discoverability, covers, and revenue for Tock partners like you.

As part of Tock’s ongoing commitment to enhance the guest experience, we are thrilled to unveil our newly redesigned iOS app. We’ve made it easier than ever for diners to discover experiences and book reservations through a streamlined search and navigation process.

So, what’s new?

Refined location-based search
At Tock, we know location matters. It’s why we integrated with Google Reserve, so guests can book reservations directly in Google Search or Google Maps. Tock’s advanced location-based functionality in the app builds off this momentum. The new and improved interface automatically populates nearby restaurants, wineries, and hospitality businesses, making for seamless discovery and booking. Guests can easily find the closest available reservation and sort based on their party size, preferred cuisine, date, and time.

Enhanced exploration and discovery
Our new “Explore” tab simplifies the process of discovering new experiences, from “New & Notable” to “Outdoor Dining,” in just a few swipes. Traveling guests can easily update their location to access and discover surrounding businesses.

The “Explore” tab updates in real-time once it receives a relevant tag. To be featured in this section of our app, ensure you strategically tag your experiences in the platform for increased visibility. For instance, if your restaurant offers outdoor seating, tag it accordingly to become visible within the “Explore” tab.

Seamless booking management
Now, guests can manage their reservations, so you don’t have to. Under the “Reservations” tab, guests can view and modify their upcoming bookings. Changing the reservation time or adding guests to their table can be managed in-app before they enter your establishment. To encourage repeat visits, guests can also access their history of past bookings, making it a breeze to rebook their favorite spots in just a few taps.

Save, share, and personalize
Under guest profiles, diners can create lists of “Saved,” “Favorites,” and “Want to go” places. With the option to toggle each list between private or public, guests can share their curated lists with friends and family, making it easy to spread the word about your business.

In the app, guests can also personalize their profiles, providing details such as dietary restrictions and allergies, special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, and even their preferences for red or white wine. Accessible from the app, this information empowers your business to understand guests’ preferences better and deliver personalized service.

Download or update it from the App Store and experience the difference today.

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