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Tock Chicago Partnership Unveiled: Transforming City Dining Experiences

By Ryne Estwing


Tock is thrilled to announce a free 6-month subscription for restaurants and bars in areas of Chicago below 60% of the Area Median Income to assist with safely reopening their dining rooms through the fall and winter. Tock will provide these businesses with the ability to manage reservations, takeout, delivery, and events—all through one unified system. Additionally, businesses can choose to store guests’ contact information in order to assist with contact tracing.

“As a locally-grown Chicago business, we are thrilled to partner with the city to help expand safe dining and help restaurants build a bridge to the future,” says Brian Fitzpatrick, Tock’s co-founder and CTO. “For many restaurants and bars, especially those in historically disinvested areas, technology can make all the difference. Access to reservation systems during this critical time will help businesses keep pace while ensuring that they comply with regulations to keep their employees and patrons safe.”

Read the full press release, watch the full press conference, or visit to get started.

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