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Tock POS Integrations: Streamlining Restaurant Operations

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By Tock Staff

Optimize service and boost revenue by connecting Tock with your restaurant’s POS system.

During a busy service, every second counts. A lack of coordination between your restaurant’s POS system and your reservation manager can cost you valuable time and money. Integrating Tock with your restaurant’s POS gives your front-of-house team the information they need about each table during and after service, helping them work more efficiently and deliver stellar hospitality. Here’s how Tock’s POS integrations can make your restaurant more efficient and grow your bottom line.

Automatic check creation

Tock’s integrations with Toast POS and Lightspeed bridge the gap between reservation and transaction. When guests are seated, Tock automatically opens a ticket in your POS system and notifies servers on a handheld terminal or at the main station. That’s not something you’ll currently get from Resy or OpenTable.

Your staff will instantly see the guest’s name, party size, past dining history, and prepayment details on that auto-created check, giving them the info they need to welcome each party with a personal greeting.

Real-time updates during service

After each party is seated, Tock works with your POS system to keep your staff informed with automatic table status updates. When a check is closed in your POS system, Toast sends your front-of-house team an instant alert. They’ll know immediately that a party has paid and their table is about to open up for the next guest, turning tables over more quickly. Plus, prepayments made in Tock automatically show up on each check in your POS—meaning staff can easily avoid misunderstandings or discrepancies when dropping the check.

Effortless record-keeping and reporting

Tock’s restaurant POS integrations continue to save you time and labor after service is over. Because prepayments in Tock are reflected in your POS system, reconciling reports is hassle-free. Each party’s number of guests, items ordered, and check total are automatically imported back into Tock from your POS—information you’d otherwise have to enter by hand.

Instead, that essential customer data is right where you need it, when you need it. Your staff can review past orders for guest preferences, like greeting a regular with a glass of his go-to Pinot Noir at the ready. These valuable customer insights can also help guide pricing strategies, menu development, and marketing campaigns.

Customer support that works your hours

With 500-plus years of restaurant experience, our hospitality experts know how important it is to resolve issues quickly. Tock’s customer support team is available days, nights, and weekends via chat, phone, or email to get your business back on track.

When you integrate Tock with your POS system, you’ll save time and money, streamline your operations, and free up your employees to focus on delivering outstanding service to your guests. That translates to more efficient staff, happier customers, and a better bottom line for your business.

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