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Crafting Irresistible Valentine’s Day Restaurant Promotions for 2023

Cover Image for Two people sitting at a bars and cheersing their glasses
By Morgan Carter

While Valentine’s Day is billed as one of the most romantic days of the year, many industry workers aren’t exactly feeling the love. Even though Valentine’s Day reservations have a tendency to book weeks in advance, the influx of two-top tables versus four-tops, increases in no-shows, and slow table turnovers translate to fewer guests and less profits overall. Read on for tips and tricks on how to turn a profit this Valentine’s Day.

  1. No shows for V-Day → Secure a deposit
    Fish roe decorated with flowers
    Smyth, Chicago

    Valentine’s Day is one of the highest days for no-show offenders. Protect your restaurant’s bottom line by requiring a deposit for booking. Requesting even a small deposit during the reservation process can help reduce no-shows up to three-percent.

  2. Couples only celebrations → Share the love to all
    Two people eating small plates on a wooden table
    Sama Sama Kitchen, Santa Barbara, CA

    Who says Valentine’s Day has to be reserved for couples? Extend the love this season with experiences and events for all to enjoy. Invite couples with kids for a family-friendly V-day themed lunch or dinner. Feature a cocktail experience at the bar for an intimate singles celebration. Or, drive customers the weekend leading up to the holiday for a special Galentine’s weekend brunch with champagne and mimosa packages or an anti-Valentine’s Day communal dinner.

  3. One prix-fixe menu to sell → Add on experiences
    Image of pink and red macarons
    Big Delicious Planet, Chicago

    While promoting higher ticket prix-fixe menus can help increase profits overall, the buck generally stops there. Get ready for Valentine’s Day by including romantic add-ons to increase revenue, including flowers for the table, a special champagne toast, or even chocolates to-go for an added fee.

  4. Lingering tables → Timed reservations
    Two people laughing and drinking wine
    Revel, Vail, CO

    With ambient restaurant environs paired with the most romantic day of the year, couples have a higher chance of lingering at the table. But slower turnovers translate to less profit. Timed reservations are always an option. Communicate policies, including time limits, on your Tock reservation page and when guests arrive so expectations are clear for both parties.

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