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Winter Restaurant Promotions to Elevate Your Guest Experience

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By Ryne Estwing

The Low Down

Your guests will be looking for any excuse to celebrate in 2021. With Game Days, Valentine’s Day Weekend, and everyday Meal Kits, we have you covered with a plan. Offer new and unique experiences to drive revenue, survive through the winter, and keep your guests coming back for more.

The Winter Prep List


  • Restaurants on Tock sold $57M worth of meal kits and takeout over the holidays.
  • Themed packages, experiences, and kits sell.
  • The highest-selling offerings went live 5-7 weeks in advance.
  • When you list experiences on Tock, millions of people can see it.

The Winter Prep List

What Sells

Heat-and-eat meals, batched cocktails, and curated wines. Pop-up menus, themed dinners, virtual tastings, and immersive experiences. DIY kits, make-your-own-sushi, taco kits, plate-at-home meals, grill kits, picnic baskets, date night dinners, and other creative packages for special occasions.

The Winter Prep List

Go Live Now and Start Selling

  • Super Bowl Sunday – Feb. 7
  • Valentine’s Day Weekend – Feb. 12-14
  • Lunar New Year – Feb. 12
  • Mardi Gras – Feb. 16
  • Golden Globes – Feb. 28

The Winter Prep List

Level up with curated boxes, kits, and virtual classes.

In 2021, these are the trends that will drive revenue and keep your guests coming back for more.

  • Meal Kits & Subscriptions. The days are short and people are busy. Give your guests easy dinner options and ready-to-heat meals. Go a step further by stocking their freezer, bar, and pantry.
  • Health & Wellness Kits. After the holidays, many of your guests are looking for healthier options. Offer plant-based meals, low ABV beverages, spirit-free cocktails, and veggie-centric options.
  • Ambiance To Go. Let guests bring home the ambiance of your restaurant with curated playlists and hospitable touches.
  • Virtual Cooking Classes. Create a series of cooking classes based on your most popular dishes and offer them alongside a meal kit.
  • Virtual Tastings. For those who miss posting up at the bar, offer wine and spirit tastings with an expert. These can be informal, educational, interactive, or all of the above.

The Winter Prep List

The Takeaway

Start thinking 1-2 months in advance.

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