JORA Peruvian Cuisine POP UP!

JORA Peruvian Cuisine POP UP!

JORA Sprint Tasting Menu

Mantequilla Panka
Small Plate
Sweet and salty breads accompanied with smoky and fruity Peruvian chile butter, and our JORA oil.

Ceviche con Sentimiento
Catch of the day, leche de tigre...
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  • Prepaid reservation for parties of 1-6
  • $85 per person

JORA Peruvian Cuisine POP UP!

San Francisco, CA

JORA (pronounced “ho-rah”), inspired by the sacred drink of the Incas, “chicha de jora”. It was used in rituals and offerings to the Pachamama (mother earth in quechua, the language of the Incas).

JORA is a fine dining class gastronomic service that seeks to bring Peruvian food to another level. From private dinners, dinner pop ups in San Francisco, and catering, JORA will serve you the spices of your life like never before. For the most discerning and daring palates who are willing to...
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Now booking through Sunday, March 24, 2019.

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