Omakase Dinner

Intimate omakase sushi experience serving mostly nigiri sushi with an optional sake tasting. Guests will be seated at the bar where they can watch Chef Otto and his apprentice plate each dish with...+ More

  • Reservation for parties of 1-8
  • $100 deposit per person


Chicago, IL · Japanese · $$$$

Kyōten (kee-oh-ten) is an omakase sushi restaurant that approaches sushi as a discipline based on the values purity, harmony, and balance. Fish are sourced predominantly from Japan and then fine-tuned through various techniques. Edomae sushi influences such as aging, curing, and marinating are used to create depth, complexity, and umami. Rice is a very special and exclusive grain varietal from Japan that is seasoned with the strong, bold taste of aged red vinegar. We approach classic...+ More

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Now booking through Monday, March 18, 2019.

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