Tock Help Center

Can I cancel my reservation?

Ordinary reservations can be cancelled through Tock at any time. Prepaid reservations or reservations requiring a deposit cannot be cancelled through Tock and are considered final. Each restaurant, however, may have their own exceptions or accommodations so we encourage you to review their FAQs for more details.

Can I transfer my reservation?

Yes, your reservation is completely transferable through Tock at any time. Give or sell your reservation for any amount up to the original purchase price. To transfer a reservation, go to My reservations in your profile.

Where do I manage my reservations?

Reservation details can be found in the confirmation email we send immediately after booking as well as under My reservations in your profile.

Why do I get charged when adding a credit card?

Adding a credit card may require a small test charge to validate your account. Don't worry, this is a test charge that will disappear after confirming your account.