LXV Wine

LXV Wine

LXV Wine and Spice Tasting with Reserves

Enter a sensory world of RESERVE wines, spices, and exotic bites served within blue walls with sprawling day-beds and colorful pillows.

These pairings mirror, complement, and sometimes, contrast...
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  • Prepaid reservation for parties of 4-12
  • $45 per person

LXV Wine

Paso Robles, CA · $$

Named Top 10 Wine Tasting Experiences in America by USA Today, the || LXV Wine and Spice || pairings, at the exotic Lounge in downtown, are a treat, not only for the palate but for all the senses.

Why LXV? Wines are paired with spice blends curated to elevate and highlight the subtle layers of the old-world style wine. The spices are sprinkled on small cubes of sheep's milk cheese. These pairings mirror, complement, and sometimes, contrast the flavors, unraveling the deeper, subtle notes of...
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Now booking through Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

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