Noda’s Counter

A seasonal tasting menu consisting of 20-22 courses. All guests are seated at Noda’s counter. Price includes a 10% service charge on prepaid amount.

  • Prepaid reservation for parties of 1-10
  • $285 per person


New York, NY · Sushi

Noda is the reimagination of a traditional omakase built around the guest experience. Classically trained in edomae, Chef Shigeyuki Tsunoda has relocated from Ginza, Tokyo to bring his culinary philosophy to New York. He is supported by a team of sommeliers who oversee one of the most extensive Japanese whiskey collections and who have curated a wine, sake and cocktail program specifically for the meal. All guests are seated at Noda's counter; an 800-pound piece of unfinished wood that is...+ More

  • Michelin Guide logo
    1 Star
    Michelin Guide, 2019

Now booking through Sunday, March 31, 2019.

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