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Sunday Dinner Club

Sunday Dinner Club

Big Steak Dinners

It seems we haven’t done a BIG STEAK dinner in two years?? We love this dinner, mostly because we love a big ol’ grilled steak, but also because we love creating (and EATING!) all the dishes around...+ More

  • Prepaid reservation for parties of 2-25
  • $85 per person

Sunday Dinner Club

Over the last decade, Sunday Dinner Club has built a community of thousands of diners, made up of everyday people, chefs, farmers, and friends.

SDC is a dinner party-ish experience that currently operates in the great city of Chicago. Menus change monthly, and each menu centers around a theme and highlights locally sourced ingredients reflective of the current season. Dinners are held 10-15 times a month and seat up 24 guests... and the dinners are not just on Sundays.

At SDC...+ More

Now booking through January 1, 2019

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