Sunday Dinner Club

Sunday Dinner Club

Grandma Style Pizza

What would grandma do?

She’d make grandma pizza! But she’d make it the old school, old country way. She’d use an all natural wild yeast, sourdough starter. She’d use incredible flour, milled...
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  • Prepaid reservation for parties of 2-24
  • $85 per person

Sunday Dinner Club


Over the last decade, Sunday Dinner Club has built a community of thousands of diners, made up of everyday people, chefs, farmers, and friends.

SDC is a dinner party-ish experience that currently operates in the great city of Chicago. Menus change monthly, and each menu centers around a theme and highlights locally sourced ingredients reflective of the current season. Dinners are held 10-15 times a month and seat up 24 guests... and the dinners are not just on Sundays.

At SDC...
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Now booking through Wednesday, January 1, 2020.

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