Filipino Kamayan Feast (7pm - Side Booths for 4)

This Kamayan Feast will be held on December 15th @ the 5168 Taproom in Midtown Crossing (3201 Farnam St, Omaha). These reservations will be for the side booths that seats 4 people. These...+ More

  • Prepaid reservation for parties of 4
  • $35 per person


Tayo's Filipino Kamayan Feast is a communal-style tradition where guests have no utensils or plates; and everyone eats using only their hands. Long tables covered in banana leaves, which act as substitute for plates. A bed of rice is placed on the banana leaves across the entire table to act as the foundation for 7-8 authentic Filipino dishes. Tayo creates an experience to enhance the connection with the food you eat and the people you eat it with.

Now booking through December 16, 2018.

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