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For the Love of Mom: Nostalgia & Namesake

Cover Image for For the Love of Mom: Nostalgia & Namesake
By Sophie Brochu

This Mother’s Day, we’re highlighting a few of the restaurants that pay homage to moms, grandmothers, maternal figures, and matriarchs.

Dear Margaret 

Chicago, IL

With a passion for preservation, pickling, whole-animal butchery, and bread baking, chef Ryan Brosseau’s menu is a tribute to his French-Canadian mémé, or grandmother, Margaret.

San Francisco, CA

Korean for “mom,” Umma pays homage not only to Korean mothers, but to all moms, because don’t we all believe our mothers have the best home cooking? Pictured is the Tommi Lim “umma” mural.


Birdie G’s

Santa Monica, CA

The “G” in Birdie G’s stands for Gladys, chef Jeremy’s grandmother and muse. In 1988, Gladys declared Jeremy, “One of my top four favorite grandchildren.” Here’s to Gladys.



Sooki & Mimi

Minneapolis, MN

Named after two grandmothers of decidedly different cultures and backgrounds, Sooki & Mimi is about both connection and contrast. Chef Ann Kim’s cooking is an intersection of cultures. She incorporates Korean recipes with inspiration from NYC and Mexico.



Pearl’s Southern Comfort

Chicago, IL

Southern food, warm hospitality, and barbecue, smoked low and slow, just like Grandma Pearl, the restaurant’s namesake, would have wanted. This kitchen is built around family, friends, and a sense of belonging. Sinking his teeth into a perfectly fried piece of okra transports owner Danny Beck back to his southeastern Kansas roots—beside Pearl.



Washington, DC

An ode to the Italian Dolce Vita, Sfoglina is inspired by the female pasta makers of Italy, or the cultural icons who have carried on the tradition and the art of making pasta by hand. A “sfoglina” is a strong and hardworking craftswoman who has mastered the art of pasta making. Saluti!

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