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Seamless Transition: Upgrade with Tock’s Restaurant Reservation System

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By Tock Staff

Seamlessly shift from your restaurant’s existing reservation platform to Tock.

Embracing new technologies in the hospitality industry can be daunting, but with Tock, switching reservation platforms doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our unmatched onboarding process meets each restaurant where they are, ensuring a seamless transition. With Tock, you’re not just adopting a new reservation system—you’re partnering with a company committed to your success.

Read on as we answer the most common questions about switching to Tock.

What can I expect during the transition from my current reservation platform to Tock?

Tock offers comprehensive onboarding designed to support restaurants of all types. When you choose Tock, we assign you a dedicated implementation manager who will guide you throughout onboarding. Your implementation manager will work closely with you and your team to understand your specific onboarding goals and help you leverage the full potential of Tock to drive growth.

How easily can I customize my Tock account to my business needs?

During onboarding, your implementation manager will collaborate with key team members to review your dashboard configurations. Whether you need to block specific tables or make certain events in-house-only, we’ll finalize all the details. Our team will closely collaborate with yours to ensure that Tock’s functionalities align with your unique business requirements.

Can Tock train my staff?

We understand that getting your entire team up to speed is crucial. We offer tailored training sessions for all your staff using Tock’s software. We’ll cover all the essential capabilities from front to back-of-house and provide a detailed overview of navigating Tock’s platform. We want to ensure your staff feels confident using Tock to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Is it possible to transfer all our existing reservation platform data to Tock?

If you’re switching from a different reservation platform, our onboarding team will assist you with transferring all your existing data. Rest assured, you never have to worry about losing guest notes, visit tags, or contact information. We’ll make sure everything is seamlessly migrated to Tock, ensuring a smooth transition.

What support does Tock provide after onboarding is complete?

Before going live, your team will have multiple opportunities to review and confirm all the details and data in Tock. Once everything is in place, you’ll be ready to welcome your guests and start utilizing all the benefits Tock offers. Post-onboarding, we continue to provide comprehensive support to ensure your success. We offer free webinars and additional training via Tock Academy, where you can learn about our newest features and best practices. Plus, you’ll have access to our 365-day world-class customer support staffed by our knowledgeable hospitality team, ready to assist whenever needed. We’re not just here to help you transition; we’re here for the life of your partnership with Tock.

Ready to elevate your guest experience and streamline your operations? Schedule a demo with Tock today and discover how we can revolutionize your restaurant’s reservation process.

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