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HIDE + SEEK Reduces No-shows by 50% Using Tock

Cover Image for Interior shot of HIDE + SEEK restaurant in Chicago
By Morgan Carter

Learn how Tock’s deposit feature was a game changer for this Chicago restaurant.


HIDE + SEEK opened in Chicago in August of 2022. The restaurant takes guests through France, Italy, and Spain via shared plates and creative cocktails.

Picture of HIDE + SEEK's black marble bar
Shot of the bar at HIDE + SEEK


When HIDE + SEEK opened in August of 2022, the restaurant noted a “massive amount of cancellations.” While reservations were consistently booked via Tock, according to marketing manager Courtney Martin, “anywhere from 50%-80% of covers would end up no-shows.” These no-shows led to a loss of revenue, increased food waste, and made it difficult for management to staff their space adequately.

Tock Solution

One month after the opening, HIDE + SEEK implemented deposit-based reservations to help reduce no-shows.

Picture of HIDE + SEEK's private dining room space. Inside the dining room sits a table with glassware and plates on top.
Private dining room at HIDE + SEEK


  • With deposit-based reservations, HIDE + SEEK’s no-show rate dropped by 50%.
Images of dishes at HIDE + SEEK
Shared plates at HIDE + SEEK

Customer Testimonial 

“The consequences of a no-show go beyond just the loss of revenue. Not only has that slot been taken from a guest who would have shown up, but [no-shows] decrease employee morale and increase food waste. Since we implemented reservation deposits, the frequency of no-shows has significantly reduced. Helping us fill seats by reducing no-shows, that is everything.”—Courtney Martin, Marketing Manager of HIDE + SEEK.

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