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Data-driven hospitality

Tock serves up all of your guest data, along with detailed reporting and insights, so you can make informed decisions and deliver better hospitality.

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A tablet view showing guest data that a restaurant can see on Tock. The data is for a woman named Jenn Floren and the page contains details on guest notes, dietary notes, guest tags, reservation information, membership details, family information, and contact info. This is layered over an image of various people sitting at tables in the lawn.
  • An image of a smiling woman with brown hair. Layered above to the right of the image are pill-shaped notes that read “Loves waffles, Dairy Free, Bar seating preference”. To the lower right is an example of guest notes a restaurant can leave that says, “Works at Henchman’s. Always orders waffles. Prefers white wine.” And layered below her image to the left is an example of a Brunch Reservation on Tock.

    Deliver personalized hospitality

    Know your guests before they walk in the door. Robust guest profiles include visit tags, notes, preferences, and dietary restrictions.

  • An example of an event on Tock called “Concert in the Lawn” is layered over an image of people playing corn hole in the lawn. Also layered above the image in the top right is an email notification from Luna Bay Winery that says, “Join us for the next concert in the lawn! Get early access as a VIP guest”. There are pill shaped tags layered into the image behind on of the people playing corn hole that read, “Lives close, Prefers the Patio, Music lover”.

    Market directly to your guests

    Leverage guest data to share new experiences or announcements with your email opt-in list. You’ll always own your data outright.

  • A tablet view of an itemized reporting screen in Tock’s software that shows revenue by date represented by a bar graph. Below this is a list of items people have bought from the restaurant.

    Make smarter decisions with detailed reporting

    Track covers, turn times, sales, and prepayment, then update your offerings based on what’s working and what’s not. Tock’s high-level insights are yours to use however you’d like.

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All the reservation tools you need to succeed

  • Guest and visit notes

  • Pre/post-service reports

  • Customizable guest and visit tags

  • Pre-visit questionnaires

  • Smart guest groups

  • Post-visit feedback

  • Email opt-in for marketing

  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

  • Guest reservation history

  • Secure and reliable data with Google Cloud

  • Detailed financial and operational reports

An image of various people waiting and talking in a bar.

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