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Guide to Thriving: Navigating 2021

There is no doubt about it: the restaurant landscape changed dramatically during Covid. We saw a rise in pop-up concepts, outdoor dining, and specialty takeout. With the world reopening, the industry will continue to evolve. This is your guide to thriving in 2021 and beyond.

Deposits Have Gone Mainstream

Diners understand that restaurants were hit hard by Covid, and now more than ever are willing to use a deposit to secure a table when making a reservation. A nominal deposit of $5 can massively decrease no-shows to under 3% of bookings.

The Winter Prep List

Your guests will be looking for any excuse to celebrate in 2021. With Game Days, Valentine’s Day Weekend, and everyday Meal Kits, we have you covered with a plan. Offer new and unique experiences to drive revenue, survive through the winter, and keep your guests coming back for more.

Tock announces partnership with the city of Chicago

Tock is thrilled to announce a free 6-month subscription for restaurants and bars in areas of Chicago below 60% of the Area Median Income to assist with safely reopening their dining rooms through the fall and winter.

Covid-19 diner survey results

We surveyed the most active Tock diners and received a statistically relevant sample of 16,757 responses from around the country. Our objective was to help restaurants, wineries, and bars prepare as states begin to reopen. Read the full survey responses.

It’s About Tock Time™

Tock is excited to announce the first of its kind digital concierge service–Tock Time. Tock Time features include: The Wish List™, Instant Book™, and a brand new Diner Profile with Dining History, Maps, and Personalized Recommendations–all created to make your life more delicious.

Transform your reservation page into a full-fledged sales engine

It is incredibly easy to take that private dining room that goes unused on a Wednesday night, create an event, and start selling it. This drives revenue on the top line and profits to the bottom line. Don’t wait for events to happen, create them.

5 tips for creating your most successful event yet

Special events are a great opportunity to drive revenue, bring new guests to your space, and show-off what makes your product so unique. Here are a few simple steps to help you get organized, optimize sales, and provide the best in hospitality.

How to check if you are overpaying for OpenTable.

There’s about a 40% chance that you have coded your website incorrectly and OpenTable is overcharging you for your monthly per-diner fees. How do we at Tock know this? Read on! If you’ve made this error we’ll save your restaurant money immediately.

Quick tips for email marketing

Guest email marketing is a great way to reach your guests and build an audience, while increasing booking and revenue. Using MailChimp is easy to do. You can do it on your terms–when you want and where–and you get to use your voice.