Abaita - Chefs preparing in the kitchenAbaita - Chefs preparing in the kitchen
Abaita - Chefs preparing in the kitchen

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Multiple Reservation TypesMultiple Reservation TypesMultiple Reservation TypesMultiple Reservation TypesMultiple Reservation Types

Powerful reservations and events

Offer free reservations alongside premium tastings

Display everyday reservations alongside premium tastings, private estate tours, and winemaker dinners, all in the same, easy-to-manage place.

Sell more through add-ons

Offer add-ons like premium tastings, accompanying bites, or even a club membership at the time of making a reservation.

Eliminate no-shows

Wineries on Tock have reduced no-show rates to less than 1%.

“We were all excited and nervous for our switch from CellarPass, but now that it's been a few weeks, we can hardly remember life before Tock. It's so much faster, user-friendly, and has been easy to learn. So happy we made the change—I love it!”

Industry-leading CRM

Customer relationship management

Know guest preferences, previous visits, and membership details before they even walk through the door.

Multi-property knowledge sharing

Let guest information flow as freely as the wine you pour—between team members, tasting rooms, and properties.

Smart Groups

Automatically apply club member discounts and grant VIP access to your most valuable guests with Smart Groups.

From the world's best to boutique wineries–Tock is trusted across the globe.


Elevated guest experience

Tock runs 24/7 so you don’t have to

Guests can book on their own time—when they want, where they want, on any device.

A reservation experience as refined as your wine

Sophisticated, modern, and representative of your brand.

Customized experiences

A reservation goes far beyond selecting a date and time. Allow your guests to customize their experience by selecting special tastings, add-ons, and anything else you have to offer.

“Tock is like having a receptionist 24 hours a day. We’re now able to book guests around the clock, and in the process, collect important guest details. This kind of efficiency wasn’t possible when we were manually taking reservations over the phone.”
Tock + WineDirect Integration

Comprehensive WineDirect integration

WineDirect Integration gives you even more power

Seamlessly integrated, WineDirect and Tock provide the deepest customer insights and increases your tasting room sales so you can focus on offering world-class hospitality.

Platform-to-platform data sync

Tock reservations and purchases are automatically synced in WineDirect—enabling you to track and understand the lifetime value of each guest.

Auto-application of member benefits

Automatically apply discounts and grant VIP access to your most valuable guests through Tock’s real-time application of WineDirect club member benefits.

“Tock and WineDirect together are the only integrated solution that meets the unique needs of a winery. It's been an amazing partnership, and the only option for wineries that are obsessed with providing an exceptional guest experience.”
Annual time saved

Tock's Partnership Program

Together, optimizing hospitality operations for our customers.

Join the Tock Partner Community.


Plans and pricing

No hassle, no hidden fees, and world-class support. We can’t wait to show you around.

A complete tasting room, event, and guest management system. Including unlimited tasting appointments, managers, and devices.
$249 / month *
2% fee on prepaid reservations
Everything included in Plus, with 0% prepaid reservation fees.
$749 / month *
No fee on prepaid reservations
Industry-leading innovation & support to match. With custom integrations, live product training, a dedicated account manager, advanced administrative tools, and world-class security, speed, and reliability.