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Two waitlists to keep seats filled

Tock comes equipped with two waitlists: one to manage walk-ins, and another for sold-out experiences. Use one, or both, simultaneously.

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A mobile view showing the business page of “Brochu’s Family Tradition” on Tock. There is an image at the top of the page with a platter filled with stuffing, bread, biscuits, sauces in blue and white speckled cups, and a pickle. Prominently displayed on the page is a box that reads “Coming in soon? Get a head start on the line at the door by joining the waitlist.” to the right of “Coming in soon?” is an icon of a clock and at the bottom of the box is a button that says “Join walk-in waitlist”. Layered below this is an image of people sitting at tables at a busy restaurant.

The Walk-In Waitlist

Allow guests to secure a place in line without making a reservation. They can view the number of parties ahead, so they know exactly where they stand.

  • An example of a restaurants floor-plan on Tock represented by gray square’s and rounded rectangles. Layered above this is extracted pieces of the softwares Ui. The first says, “Walk-in waitlist. Give your guests the option to join the walk-in waitlist online from your business page.” with two switches on it. One is paired with a line that says, “Allow guests to view and book your offerings.” and the other is paired with a line that says, “Allow guests to add a note when joining the walk-in waitlist”. Below this is an example of a text message that says, “Your Reservation. Good news, your table is ready! Please make your way to the host stand within the next 10 minutes.”.

    Streamline communication

    Send a customizable SMS text when the table is ready, almost ready, or if it’s running behind. Guests can confirm or leave the waitlist with the touch of a button.

    Control the door

    Need to hit pause? Easily toggle the walk-in waitlist on or off at any time during service. Tock works to ensure the door never gets overwhelmed.

The Reservation Waitlist

Sold-out experience? Guests can use the Reservation Requests Waitlist to add their information. Should availability occur, your team can invite them to book.

  • An example of the dialogue guests can use to join a reservation waitlist through Tock. It reads, “Join waitlist at Mako. Let us know what you’re interested in. We’ll contact you if a reservation becomes available.” and has options for guests to fill out their reservation details. This is layered above an image of fine sushi rolls on a blue textured plate.

    Offer seamless hospitality

    Fulfill waitlist requests and delight diners with the click of a button. Guests can add notes, like desired times, seating preferences, or dietary restrictions.

    Manage guests your way

    See a VIP or a regular on the waitlist? Tock gives you the ability to send invitations to book to your priority guests first.

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All the tools you need to succeed

  • Online or offline walk-in waitlist

  • Guest submitted notes/requests

  • Showcase wait times

  • Turn waitlist on/off at anytime

  • Automated SMS notifications

  • Reservation requests waitlists

An image of a busy restaurant with windows into their dining room and an exposed rooftop.

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