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Tock To Go:  3%
No hidden fees.

Takeout built the right way by restaurateurs as a bridge to the future. It's easy, fast, and safe for your staff and guests.

We created Tock To Go to help the hospitality industry keep going during these challenging times.

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“Tock has been an invaluable marketing platform and has given me a lot of visibility and new clientele. My numbers unexpectedly exploded once I became visible on Tock. You guys are very much saving restaurants.”

Seven Reasons

“Tock has allowed us to gracefully navigate the process of re-opening our dining room. Now that we're open again we're able to manage reservations and our pickup orders in one unified system which streamlines our entire operation.”

How Tock can help
your business

  • Only 3% commission on takeout and delivery.
    Real savings on every order.
  • Fastest growing network
    Free marketing with no hidden fees.
  • Offerings all in one place
    Holiday meals, kits, à la carte, specials, and more.
  • Slot based ordering
    The only system built for full-service restaurants.
  • Complete control
    Manage inventory and offerings in real-time
  • Go live in days not weeks
    Our team will do all the work, so you don't have to.

“We love the product. It’s been an utter godsend to us. I am absolutely amazed at how quickly you built out the To Go software when Covid hit, and how fast it’s become such an essential part of our business.”

Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

“We love it so much... we feel in control with Tock, whereas we don’t always with the other systems. We sometimes end up having to shut them off.”


“Tock is truly amazing. I love the function that I can control how many customers pick up at my desired time. We turned off our other delivery service providers and had the highest sales today without any chaos!”

Let’s do this.

Tock will continue to adapt and innovate in order to help rebuild the restaurant industry. Reach out to get up and running now.