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10 restaurant marketing ideas to jumpstart your restaurant’s marketing strategy

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By Tock Staff

With so many marketing channels and tactics to choose from, knowing where to start can be the hardest part. That’s exactly why we distilled the basics into these ten restaurant marketing ideas to jumpstart your restaurant marketing strategies:


1. Strengthen your branding

A strong, memorable restaurant brand can make all your marketing moves more impactful. Define your brand’s personality through visual design elements like logos, color schemes, and menu design. Be sure to maintain consistency across all marketing materials and platforms so that your brand is instantly recognizable


2. Optimize your website 

A well-designed website serves as the digital front door for your business. 

Make a good impression by designing a unique, fast-loading, and mobile-responsive restaurant website. Incorporating SEO techniques with relevant keywords, meta titles, and descriptions will improve search engine visibility and get more potential guests through your virtual front door.

P.S. – Integrating a reservation platform like Tock can streamline the booking process, helping you turn website visitors into loyal guests.


3. Expand social media reach

Social media gives you the chance to cultivate relationships with guests, even after they leave your restaurant. Take advantage of that opportunity by finding the social media platforms your guests already use and creating content they’ll want to engage with. 

Take your social media strategy a step further by posting organic content regularly, responding to follower comments, and running paid ads for specific promotions or events.


4. Leverage email marketing

Email outreach is a direct line of communication between your restaurant and guests, making it a highly effective promotional tool. Grow your restaurant email list by collecting emails through your website, reservation platforms, and events, then send out engaging emails that draw guests to your restaurant. 

You can use this outreach strategy to drum up interest for a seasonal promotion, new menu, or upcoming event, increase holiday reservations, or nurture guest relationships with small tokens of appreciation.


5. Optimize Google Business

It’s easy to overlook Google Business as a marketing channel at first glance. But considering your Google Business Profile pops up whenever a guest searches your restaurant online or on Google Maps, it’s one of the most visible platforms out there. 

Optimizing this profile with accurate information, short descriptions, high-quality photos, and reservation links is a great way to build brand awareness and fill your tables.


6. Try paid search engine marketing

If you want to boost traffic to your website, reservation, and online ordering platforms quickly, leveraging paid search campaigns through Google Ads is the way to go. Run a search campaign on a specific keyword related to your offering, then pay a small fee every time a person clicks on your ad.


7. Manage online reviews 

A good online reputation will help potential guests feel comfortable taking a chance by dining at your restaurant for the first time. While you can’t dictate what people write in their reviews, there are ways to take control of your online reputation. This starts with claiming and managing your restaurant’s profile on all major online review platforms. 

Once you’ve claimed your restaurant, you can monitor feedback, remind guests to leave a review if they had a positive experience, and respond to reviews when necessary. 


8. Secure sponsorships and partnerships

When you get involved with your local community, you make your restaurant feel like part of that community. This humanizes your brand and inspires guests to support your restaurant year after year.

Try building brand visibility and community engagement through sponsorships and partnerships with local sports teams, events, or neighboring businesses.


9. Enhance visibility with out-of-home ads

Out-of-home ads for your physical location help expand your marketing reach, attract customers, and reinforce brand identity. Implement this idea by investing in visible, brand-reflective signage like print ads in community publications or promotional graphics on park benches.


10. Promote events and experiences

Events and experiences help differentiate your restaurant from the competition and add dimension to your brand’s personality, especially when they’re memorable. 

Brainstorm a unique event or experience that aligns with your restaurant’s brand and will resonate with your guests, then boost attendance by promoting the event. This will help engage customers, create buzz for your brand, and increase foot traffic in your restaurant.


Turn these restaurant marketing ideas into a strategy

Implementing these restaurant marketing ideas can help you create a holistic marketing strategy that resonates with your guests and helps your restaurant grow. 

Not sure how? Download our Restaurant Marketing 101 guide for a step-by-step how-to that walks you through the process of creating an impact marketing strategy from start to finish.

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