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Barn8 switched to Tock and earned $244k in tasting menu revenue

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Barn8 is home to a 3-tier climate-controlled greenhouse.

By Alex Jones

The farm-to-table restaurant used Tock’s Multi-Experience Tables feature to create efficiency for staff and a frictionless booking process for guests.

Located in a converted barn on a historic horse farm in Goshen, Kentucky, Barn8 offers a fresh take on farm-to-table dining with on-site gardens, a three-tier climate-controlled greenhouse, and foraged ingredients found throughout Hermitage Farm’s 683 acres. In addition to à la carte dining, the restaurant hosts experiences like whiskey tastings, wine pairing competitions, and a 6-course chef’s tasting menu designed for adventurous eaters. 

After using OpenTable for some time, restaurant manager Abby Brown sought an alternative to the high fees and lack of customization.

The flexibility with Tock has been incredibly nice. There’s just so much more customization.

“OpenTable’s fees were becoming outrageous. We were spending $1500 to over $2,000 a month in fees,” Brown says. “We also decided to switch because with OpenTable, the customization wasn’t there. We didn’t have as much control over experiences.”

Barn8 launched on Tock in February 2023 and in the first year, the restaurant earned $244,000 in revenue from its tasting menu alone while also cutting its no-show rate. Here’s how Brown and her team use Tock to drive tasting menu revenue, streamline operations, and improve the booking experience for their guests. 


Barn8 is located on the grounds of historic Hermitage Farm.


Streamline the reservation process for the chef’s tasting menu and eliminate overbookings. 

Tock Solution

Initially, Barn8’s tasting menu experience was an unassigned reservation option only visible to front-of-house staff. Management didn’t want to take tables away from the à la carte experience and risk losing covers if tasting menu bookings didn’t come through.

Rather than reserving online, guests had to call the restaurant to book the tasting menu. Staff would then enter those reservations manually. If tasting menu reservations were not assigned properly, those tables would be overbooked. 

Tock’s Multi-Experience Tables feature solved this problem by allowing Barn8 to set availability for special experiences and everyday service on a single table. This means the team no longer has to manage cumbersome unassigned reservations, making the entire process more efficient and preventing overbookings. 

“The Multi-Experience Tables function is fantastic,” Brown says. “Having those assignments automatically go to those tables so they’re held has been incredibly helpful.”

She and her team have even started using the feature to manage reservations for their private dining space. When no private events are booked, Barn8 has the operational flexibility to open them up to standard reservations without the risk of overbooking. 


  • Reduced labor costs with less time spent manually entering bookings.
  • Elimination of overbookings creates operational efficiencies and improves the guest experience.
The Bourbon Bar & Lounge.


Drive tasting menu revenue with a smoother, more visible guest booking process. 

Tock Solution

By taking tasting menu reservations via Tock rather than over the phone, Barn8 was able to smooth out operational issues for staff. The change also made it easier, faster, and more convenient for guests to book this high-value experience. 

“Guests would have to contact us directly to book those prepaid tasting menu reservations, and some people don’t want to jump through hoops for that,” Brown says. “We were doing a lot more manual work and weren’t getting as many bookings.”

Increasing the number of prepaid tasting menu bookings also dropped Barn8’s no-show rate to 2.4% during their first year on Tock. Prepaid reservations provide reliable cash flow and a reduction in lost revenue.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in tasting menu bookings now that guests can do it themselves online,” Brown says. “They seem more satisfied and happier with the process overall.”


  • Presenting the tasting menu alongside other experiences on Tock drives bookings.
  • Convenient online reservation process reduces friction for guests.
  • Fewer no-shows prevent loss of revenue.
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