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Revolutionize Your Restaurant Services with Tock’s Top Features

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By Morgan Carter

At Tock, we are constantly innovating to bring the best all-in-one platform to serve restaurants, wineries, pop-ups, and really, everything in between. To keep up with the needs of our industry, we added a wide range of new, impactful features in 2022 to help streamline operations and get business owners back to what they do best. Read on to see which features we’ve rounded up as the MVPs of 2022 and how they can be put to good use in the new year.

1. Floorplan Optimization is here to maximize turns and minimize gaps in-between reservations. Instead of manually clicking to move diners based on new, updated, or canceled reservations, this feature automatically optimizes the floor plan on a nightly basis. But Tock customers are still in control. Any manual assignments, say, a VIP diner that prefers the chef’s counter, won’t be overwritten.

2. No one has the time to get wrapped up in confusing table reassignments, especially when service starts to pick up. Timeline Drag and Drop makes it easy. Customers can click on a reservation and drag it to the appropriate table in a cinch.

3. The streamlined reservation editing tool makes it easier to edit, reschedule, transfer, or cancel all in one place. No need to navigate through multiple screens to edit one reservation.

4. Campaign tags  helps to bring more eyes to experiences and events on Tock. Tagging experiences with relevant tags (aka “Valentine’s Day” or “Mother’s Day”) populates on Tock special collection pages, making it easier for guests to find and explore offerings. To meet the growing search for outdoor dining—over 61% of guests who used our filtered search looked for outdoor dining in 2022—Tock created the outdoor seating tag so businesses can show off all that they have to offer.

5. A centralized place to manage all availability settings, the Availability Snapshot serves as an alert system before going live. The dashboard will send notifications when settings are about to lapse, including a schedule ending in 30 days, hidden experiences from guests, or when no offerings are available for guests to book. Addressing these alerts will link to relevant pages (experiences, schedules, and floor plan) so customers can update their settings and get back on track.

6. Need to extend ticket sales for last minute stragglers? Tock now offers the ability to sell tickets throughout the duration of the event to make a sale until the very last minute.

7. Setting up multiple start times is now a breeze. When creating a new event, customers can select how often the event repeats and when, and then add in as many times as needed.

8. When planning an event, the Events Visibility page gives customers one centralized location to review event details and go live.

9. Businesses on Tock can feature a variety of multiple experiences, from nightly reservations and tastings to special events. To make it easy to identify offerings, we offer custom experience colors. Customers can assign a color for each experience, making it easy to differentiate them with just one look.

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