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Celebrate National Tequila Day and Scotch Day: 5 Ways To Boost Revenue

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By Tock Staff

On July 24th and July 27th, respectively, tequila and scotch enthusiasts will unite to savor the flavor profiles and cultural significance of these spirits. Is your business ready to maximize these occasions?

Whether you’re a dedicated whiskey bar or a restaurant that has a fine selection of tequilas, these spirit-driven holidays are an easy way to create engaging, revenue-boosting experiences.

Host a ticketed informational tasting for scotch or tequila enthusiasts.

Highlight the versatility of these spirits through an educational tasting session, where an intimate group of guests can savor a guided experience of a specific varietal. For tequila, curate a lineup of aged añejos, while scotch enthusiasts can explore a regional array of single and blended malts. Consider adding small touches like providing pre-prepared tasting note pages. This gives guests a place to mark their favorites and to take notes during the tasting and, if you opt to print it on durable card stock, you instantly transform these pages into mementos.

To maximize profits, partner with your beverage supplier to co-host the experience. Oftentimes, beverage partners are willing to provide products for a special event at a discount or for free, especially if they are able to include their branding on event marketing materials.

San Diego-based Camino Riviera often works with spirit partners to offer tequila and mezcal tastings. They also host events to highlight nano-batch mezcaleros, inspiring a dialogue of cultural exchange and discovery for their guests and generating additional revenue for their business.

Interior shot of spirits vault at Dancing Goat Distillery
Dancing Goat Distillery, Cambridge, WI

Take your guests behind the scenes.

Frame, a Michigan-based pop-up restaurant, sets itself apart with its unique approach to “food programming with an editorial mindset.” By drawing inspiration from Michigan’s diverse culinary and cultural talent, Frame creates captivating dining experiences for its guests. This August, they are teaming up with Detroit industry legend Leonard Lopp to delve into the art of making tequila and mezcal. Similarly, you can engage your guests by organizing events that spotlight spirit makers and their processes.

If you’re operating a bar or distillery, take a page from The Dancing Goat Distillery in Cambridge, WI. They offer walkthroughs of their facilities, culminating in a visit to their “spirit vault.” There, guests get the exclusive opportunity to savor four selections that are not accessible to the general public, making it an enticing and memorable experience.

Moreover, don’t overlook the invaluable expertise of your own staff. With their day-to-day interactions with customers, they have a unique understanding of your clientele’s preferences. You might even discover passionate enthusiasts among your staff who are eager to share their esoteric knowledge in the field, enriching your offerings even further. Embrace these opportunities to showcase exceptional spirits and create unforgettable moments for your guests.

Delight your guests with an exclusive experience.

Craft a curated pairing designed to delight both liquor enthusiasts and food connoisseurs alike. The Deliciouser, a Wisconsin-based restaurant, will be drawing inspiration from the Scottish Highlands to present a trio of single malt scotches with accompanying small plates like brown butter-basted walleye and dark chocolate walnut ganache tarts.

Putting together a prix-fixe menu thoughtfully paired with distinctive spirits is just the beginning. Enhance the experience by having your staff shed light on each pour’s origin and characteristics. You can also incorporate these details into a custom menu that your guests can annotate and take home.

Barrel/aging room filled with barrels from Dancing Goat Distillery
Dancing Goat Distillery, Cambridge, WI

Offer unique add-ons and tempting specials.

Welcome your guests into your dining room with special offers, such as a complimentary pour of scotch with the option to upgrade to a full taster or a specially-crafted cocktail. You can do the same by including a tasting experience as an add-on your guests can select when making online reservations.

To maximize your reach, harness the power of social media to create a buzz pre and post-event. Try introducing an interactive element like a spirited margarita showdown—shake up two unique tequila-based cocktails and encourage guests to vote via Instagram stories for their favorite. This style of promotion can draw in a fresh wave of diners who might not have considered visiting your establishment otherwise.

Use Tock to make your spirit-forward experiences easy to plan and execute.

With our customizable table management system and integrated e-commerce experience, Tock is your ideal partner for executing seamless events and selling add-ons. Serving as a full-fledged sales engine, Tock empowers you to showcase and sell all of your offerings in one user-friendly platform. The best part? You can offer these special experiences alongside your standard reservations.

Explore all the tools you need to host successful dining and beverage experiences below.

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