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How London House Chicago used Tock to earn $98K for St. Patrick’s Day

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By Tock Staff

The luxury hotel’s top-floor restaurants leveraged Tock’s flexible features to make the annual river dyeing viewing party a success.

The restaurants at Chicago’s London House Hotel, LH on 21 & 22, serve reimagined American fare and craft cocktails against a backdrop of spectacular city views. On St. Patrick’s Day, there’s no better place to watch the Chicago River turn emerald green than the restaurants’ rooftop terrace. Reservations manager Manny Aganon switched from OpenTable to Tock to manage reservations and special events, including the annual St. Patrick’s Day river dyeing viewing experience, a few years ago. Since then, the flexible, all-in-one platform has boosted event revenue, made managing events easier and more efficient for staff, and streamlined the guest booking experience. Here’s how Tock helped LH on 21 & 22 bring in $98,915 from this signature St. Patty’s Day experience in 2023 and put the party on track to sell out in 2024.


Sell elevated, one-of-a-kind experiences that stand out among other offerings. 

Tock Solution

With St. Patrick’s Day viewing parties happening along the river, guests have lots of different options to choose from. Tock’s flexible experiences feature enabled LH on 21 & 22 to market the luxury rooftop celebration at different price points, making the event accessible while upselling a higher-end experience. Tickets range from general admission for the open bar, passed breakfast bites, and dancefloor at $200 each to a VIP table for six at $2,100 that includes bottle service and a signature board from the chef.

“With Tock being so user-friendly, it’s simple to create general admission tickets plus two or three options for VIP tables,” says Aganon. “On the guest-facing side, it’s very easy to choose whether they would like general admission tickets or to book one of our VIP packages for larger groups.”

Tock also offers a high level of customization for experiences, making it easy to showcase photos of the incredible views and premium offerings guests can expect at the event. “By promoting this experience through Tock, we’re letting everybody know that this is unlike any other St. Patrick’s Day viewing party,” says Aganon. “We’re definitely looking at a sold-out event this year.”


  • Multiple ticket tiers drive revenue
  • Customizable experience pages entice guests to book


Ensure a positive booking experience for locals and hotel guests. 

Tock Solution

Creating and marketing a standout offering is only half the battle. Guests still have to complete the booking process, and hiccups can discourage sales, damage a business’s reputation, and create customer service headaches for staff. Since using Tock to manage experiences, Aganon has seen a sharp reduction in emails from guests seeking assistance with booking. “From what we have seen in the past to where we are now, those inquiries have been cut close to none because of how well Tock works for us on the guest-facing side,” he says. 

As a hotel restaurant, LH on 21 & 22 has two distinct audiences: out-of-town visitors and locals. Tock makes it easy for visiting guests to find and book experiences in advance of their trip. Meanwhile, the restaurants’ year-round visibility on the platform has helped build awareness and boost bookings for experiences like St.Patrick’s Day or New Year’s Eve to locals. Appealing to both types of guests drives revenue from experiences. 

​​ “For travelers who are staying with us, it’s easier for them to find this fabulous event that’s going to happen for St. Patrick’s Day,” Aganon says. “Every year, we improve our local reach, and that’s primarily by using Tock.”


  • Positive guest experience thanks to streamlined booking interface
  • Reduced staff time spent responding to guest inquiries 
  • Steady revenue growth from year-round marketing on Tock page


  • Streamline the process for staff to create, manage, and report on experiences

Tock Solution

Tock gives users flexibility in how to structure and manage experiences. For example, the LH 21 & 22 team has found that resuming regular service after a morning event, such as this for St. Patrick’s Day, can be a challenge. Aganon takes advantage of Tock’s customizable features to turn off regular reservations on the day of the party. Instead of seeing options for times to book a table when guests click on that date, they’re directed to purchase tickets for the party, with a note that walk-ins are still welcome. This increases event bookings and helps staff make a smooth transition back to regular service.

“This is the best way for us, based on experiences from the past year, on the operational side of things,” says Aganon. “Trying to transition from a big event into regular service is a little tough, so we’re just open for walk-ins for the remainder of the day.”

Tock’s clear, robust reporting dashboard also makes it easy for management to assess how experiences are selling, see revenue reports, and analyze performance when an event has concluded. Having this essential information at Aganon’s fingertips makes daily reporting fast and stress-free. “It’s super easy on our end,” he says. “We look at the summary daily, and it takes no more than three minutes to pull it up.” 


  • Staff spend less time on admin and managing experiences
  • Up-to-date performance information lets users react quickly and plan ahead


Learn more about switching to Tock. If you’re an existing customer, talk to hospitality to learn more about  launching an experience on Tock.

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