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How ZEF BBQ Used Tock to Earn $20K in Super Bowl Preorders

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By Tock Staff

Learn how this family-owned smoked meats pop-up used Tock’s all-in-one reservation platform to do big business for the big game.

Logan Sandoval and Anna Lindsey started ZEF BBQ in Simi Valley, California after pandemic layoffs from their hospitality careers. The couple sold their first brisket out of a pop-up at Sandoval’s parents’ house in 2020 and were soon selling out weekly pickups and winning accolades for their pit-smoked meats. With two young children and another on the way, they needed a streamlined restaurant platform that would help grow the business while freeing up family time. 

In addition to sandwiches, smoked meats, and banana pudding, ZEF BBQ creates experience packages to drive holiday revenue, including pit-smoked Peking duck at Christmas and game day bundles for the Super Bowl.


Improve the ordering experience for guests and reduce staff time spent troubleshooting issues. 

Tock Solution

A clear, easy-to-use order page and timed placeholders makes it simple for guests to order and schedule pickups, even for high-demand occasions. 

When they started, ZEF was managing weekly preorders using Google Forms. “We were selling out in minutes, with 180 people trying to order all at once. We would be in separate rooms flipping it on and off to try to keep track,” says Sandoval. Now, Tock’s intuitive order platform automatically reserves each guest’s place in line with a 10-minute time limit. The improved ordering process  also reduces time spent answering questions and resolving issues for guests.

“The setup is just so simple. It’s bold and in your face. There’s not a lot of clicking around, which makes it really user friendly,” says Lindsey. “We have a lot of older folks who order from us, and they can get frustrated with technology. Tock makes it really easy for them.” 


  • Happy guests: A positive ordering experience that doesn’t leave users feeling frustrated or rushed. 
  • Repeat business: Satisfied customers that are more likely to reorder and spread positive words about their experience.
  • Saved time: An easy-to-use order page frees up users for other tasks.


Maximize revenue from holiday and special occasion experiences. 

Tock Solution

Offer multiple Super Bowl packages for game day gatherings on ZEF’s Tock page to maximize guest choice and revenue. Posting offers in advance locks in revenue from early birds that plan ahead.

“Having the Super Bowl experience available on our Tock page ahead of time really helps,” says Lindsey. Guests can go on Tock weeks before the big game, see the experience, make their plans, and place an order well in advance of the cutoff date. 

Tock’s flexibility and customization makes it easy for the business to sell variations on an experience, too. “We’re offering meal packs that feed 4-6, 6-10, and 10-15,” Lindsey says. “We’re giving guests enough options where they can get a little bit of everything they need in one spot.” 


  • More revenue: ZEF generated $20K in sales by selling Super Bowl packages early and offering multiple versions of this experiences for sale. 
  • Better management: Securing orders up front helps manage inventory and provides cash flow to operate the business. 


Minimize operations and administrative tasks so ZEF’s owners can make time for family. 

Tock Solution

A user-friendly, all-in-one platform with highly responsive customer support minimizes time spent on admin and troubleshooting issues. 

“I’ve been blessed to have a strong hospitality background, and I’ve used so many management tools and programs throughout my career,” says Sandoval. “What brought us to Tock is that it’s so easy to use.”

Sandoval and Lindsey knew they’d made the right choice with Tock after experiencing the platform’s accessible, responsive customer support. “We get that there’s other options out there, but Tock’s customer service has been so awesome,” says Lindsey. “Once you figure it out, you’re good to go.”


  • Easy access: Stay connected with cloud-based  sales and inventory data.
  • All-in-one platform: Streamlined management and bookkeeping tools cut down on admin work.
  • More time: Intuitive tools and customer support lets users focus on their family and growing the business.

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