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Crafting Success: 5 Restaurant Event Ideas For Event Excellence

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By Ryne Estwing

Special events are a great opportunity to drive restaurant revenue, bring new guests to your space, and show-off what makes your product so unique. Here are a few simple steps to help you get organized, optimize sales, and provide the best in hospitality.

1. Manage everything on one platform

It’s really easy for RSVPs to become convoluted between Eventbrite, Facebook, your website, email and phone reservations. With Tock, you can manage all of your reservations including special events, classes, one-off dinners, or tastings, all in one place. There’s no need to create an Eventbrite page—just add your event or party to your Tock page. It will display alongside ordinary restaurant reservations, ensuring that every diner booking a dinner will also see your event. Not only does this make your job easier, but it improves the guest experience with a seamless booking process.

2. Let guests upgrade their experience

When you offer restaurant reservations on Tock’s platform, give your guests an option to make special upgrades, such as a beverage pairing, a luxury ingredient, or retail items. Most people will upsell themselves, especially if they’re given tiered options (see: The Good-Better-Best Approach to Pricing). This will 1) increase sales 2) enhance your guests’ experience and 3) allow for customization, which gives your team a unique opportunity to provide hospitable touches. What upgrades can you offer? Think about what makes your restaurant, bar, or winery unique. Is it a special table with a view? Baked goods to take home? A private estate tour with a winemaker or a seminar with a bartender? Get creative.

3. Use Smart Groups to give your most valued guests exclusive or early access

Reward your most enthusiastic guests by using smart groups to grant them early access or a discounted rate. Last year, we were thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between Tock and WineDirect. With this integration, you can automatically filter and give your VIPs early access to your event with a personalized booking experience. This makes it much easier for wineries to comp or discount tastings for club members.

4. Reduce no-shows with prepayment

People are willing to pay in advance for a special experience, and when they do, you can bet they’re going to show up. Utilize prepaid reservations, or take a reservation deposit for a special dinner or whenever demand outstrips supply. When you have an accurate guest count and the right overhead, you can get focused on what matters. Cut costs, reduce waste, and save time preparing the best for your guests.

5. Take advantage of Tock’s communication tools

Tock’s guest communication tools can automatically provide answers to frequently asked questions. Streamline communication by providing all guests (at once) with information on event location, dietary restrictions, transportation, parking, and anything else that’s relevant. Then, on the day of your event, use Tock’s automated detailed guest list so your team will know who to expect. With QR codes, check-in is a breeze.

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